Millennial and Gen Z employees will resign to avoid a toxic work culture

Eight in 10 Gen Z and millennials would resign immediately if they found they were working in a toxic work culture, a new study has found. 5,000 UK Gen Z and millennials were asked to explore how they make career decisions based on personal values. The survey also found that half are stressed at work most of the time and the same number feel that work-related stress has an impact on their personal life.  

Whilst a respectful and inclusive culture is critical for all generations in the workplace, increasingly employers are finding that Gen Z and millennials will speak out if they feel that their workplace is not respectful. A toxic culture will also hamper an employer’s ability to retain skills and talent and the impact of poor management can have serious consequences for people’s health and wellbeing.

Businesses have a duty of care towards their employees and expectations about what the workforce wants from work are rising. In order to remain competitive, businesses are having to ensure that managers are trained to be inclusive and to consider the needs of their team.  Gen Z and millennials will prefer an open, informal and collaborative culture and for this, communication is key. Seeking feedback using employee engagement surveys is a great way to understand how people are feeling. 

But the most important way to encourage an inclusive and collaborative working environment is to train managers to listen, communicate and manage difficult conversations.  If you feel that your managers could benefit from support in this area, 121 HR Solutions is running a Having Difficult Conversations workshop on 6th February in Montrose and on 7th February in Glasgow. For further information contact

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