Can a sick employee participate in a disciplinary process?

According to a recent survey, one in five employers are seeing their disciplinary processes take longer than necessary which is causing a significant drain on time and resources. The main reason for disciplinary matters not being dealt with efficiently related to sickness absence with employees going off sick with stress or anxiety during the process.

Many managers dealing with disciplinary matters believe that if an employee is absent, the process cannot go ahead but this is not always the case. 121 HR Solutions have experience of supporting clients to manage disciplinary situations when an employee has declared that they are too stressed to participate. Sensitive handling means that the process may be able to proceed.

The most common reason for disciplinary relates to conduct and attitude and these issues can be amongst the most tricky to deal with. If an employee claims that the situation is causing stress-related absence the relationship between the employee and the employer can deteriorate even further. 121 HR Solutions can deliver training to managers on how to manage such disciplinary matters and we regularly run public workshops in Montrose and Glasgow but can also deliver an in-house workshop, tailored to your needs, using your own disciplinary policy to illustrate the required process.

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