70% of UK staff looking for a new job in 2024!

One fifth of UK workers are feeling burned out, leading 70% of workers to seek a new job in 2024, according to new research. 

The research demonstrates that the mental state of workers in the UK is poor and examines the factors that will contribute to resignations in 2024. 20% of respondents stated that they feel burned out at work and more than a quarter feel stressed. Only one in seven would describe their mental state at work as “supported”.

As a result, 70% are planning to look for a new job in 2024 – a third to support a better work life balance, and a third to gain a higher salary or a promotion.

The survey determined that 35% of British workers plan to set boundaries at work and say ‘no’ more often to requests that would make them work late, extend their working hours, or increase their workload beyond what was originally agreed.

Post-pandemic, one of the biggest conversations concerning the workplace has related to working from home compared with office-working and a significant 88% are aiming for a hybrid working pattern.  With 40% worried about travel costs associated with office-working.

If you feel that your team is suffering from burn-out or stress, 121 HR Solutions can help with a stress risk assessment.  Please contact us at 0800 9995 121 if you would like to discuss this subject further.

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