Daughter’s dismissal was unfair

An employment tribunal has ruled that a woman was unfairly dismissed by her father at his car refurbishment business after he text her: “I don’t have a job for you, in fact I hope I never see u again.” 

A domestic incident occurred at home between the family, resulting in the text being sent, in which the father said he was “ashamed” to call her his daughter.  The relationship between the father and daughter was described as volatile as a result of the father having been in a serious car accident, leaving him with a brain injury that caused him to be aggressive and short-tempered. 

Having received the dismissal text message, the employee replied, stating that if she was dismissed without notice she was entitled to six months’ pay plus outstanding holiday. The employee did not return to work and raised a claim against her father. The Tribunal Judge found that the words in the text amounted to a dismissal.

The tribunal also ruled that the claim for accrued unpaid holiday pay should succeed and ordered a remedy hearing to determine a compensatory award.

Regardless of the relationship between employee and employer, a fair process must always be followed prior to dismissal. If you require any support with a family relationship breakdown at work, contact 121 HR Solutions on 0800 9995 121.

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