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Health & Safety is of vital importance for employers. Did you know that failing to comply with legislation is a crime and directors can be prosecuted for those failings!

There are many recorded incidences of breaches in Health & Safety resulting in prosecutions and this, coupled with the rise in personal injury claims is a risk that can’t be ignored.

Our experts will ensure you’re on the right side of the law starting with a no obligation health and safety review. Once you’ve completed this, if you feel that your health and safety needs an overhaul, we can help! We can develop a legally compliant Health and Safety policy which protects you and your employees. We cut through the red tape to help you understand what you need to do to keep on the right side of Health and Safety laws.

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The 121 HR Business Partnership is at the heart of the relationship with our clients. The partnership brings the benefits of cost-effective HR support and professional advice without the worry of escalating legal fees when issues arise.

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121 HR Business Manager is a professional HR service provided to businesses on an outsourced basis. Each business has different needs, therefore we tailor our service and approach to fit perfectly with your organisation.

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121 HR Solutions provide a comprehensive range of HR services that can be accessed through the Business Manager package, or more commonly on a short-term project basis. This is useful to organisations that do not employ full-time HR staff and lack the knowledge and skills required.

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