Talent Management

121 HR Solutions helps organisations to achieve truly effective talent management by focusing on the key stages of acquisition, engagement, development and retention.

We work closely with our clients to understand the specific challenges and opportunities they face and then develop innovative, tailored solutions based around our key areas of expertise.

Our Recruitment process allows organisations to devolve the procedure of sourcing talent at all levels to an external expert.

We always shape the exact nature of the solution to the needs and goals of the individual client, in most cases this will involve embedding a qualified consultant in a resourcing role within your organisation. They will focus on the acquisition of talent using all available sources.

We passionately believe that our approach and expertise are just the beginning of a complete talent management process which also covers engagement, development and retention. We deliver this through our dedicated expertise in HR Consultancy.

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The 121 HR Business Partnership is at the heart of the relationship with our clients. The partnership brings the benefits of cost-effective HR support and professional advice without the worry of escalating legal fees when issues arise.

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121 HR Business Manager is a professional HR service provided to businesses on an outsourced basis. Each business has different needs, therefore we tailor our service and approach to fit perfectly with your organisation.

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121 HR Solutions provide a comprehensive range of HR services that can be accessed through the Business Manager package, or more commonly on a short-term project basis. This is useful to organisations that do not employ full-time HR staff and lack the knowledge and skills required.

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