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Building Effective and Successful Working Relationships with Firo-B

Relationships – an inevitable part of working life and yet they can be a potential source of tension in organisations.

Our experience tells us that for teams to perform effectively, they need to operate on trust and a solid foundation of good working relationships.  We therefore introduce you to Firo-B!

Here at 121 HR Solutions, our qualified practitioner(s) work(s) with this powerful psychological instrument to explain how personal needs affect various interpersonal relationships.  Firo-B results can provide an expanded understanding of the drivers underlying the behaviours that shape relationships for individuals and teams within an organisation.

We use it effectively in the areas of:-

Building Trust


Conflict Management

Building Resilience

Leadership Development

Team Development

and more

Benefit to You

Deploying the Firo-B Instrument in your organisation helps you to:-

Manage your behaviour and its results, whether in a support or leadership position.

Recognise the sources of, and possible solutions to, stagnation and conflict in both work and personally.

Understand and acknowledge the unique contributions of all members of your organisational team.  Increase productivity through awareness of these interpersonal dynamics of the workplace and the needs and styles of others.

Getting to Grips with Team Dynamics!

Dynamics are a crucial life force in the functioning of any team.  The equilibrium of team dynamics is precariously reliant on external factors such as the nature of the team’s work, the personalities within the team, their working relationships with other people and the environment in which the team co-exists.  When good, a team with synergise and thrive in achieving it’s shared goal.  when bad the same team can face demotivation, damaging conflict and failure to achieve it’s shared goal.

To help define your organisational dynamics our qualified practitioner(s) in the Myers Briggs Type Indication (MBTI),  will work with you to build a robust foundation for lifelong personal or team development as well as underpinning enhanced organisational effectiveness.

The MBTI instrument is the best known and most trusted personality assessment on the market.  Road tested over the last 70 years and with outstanding credentials, the MBTI highlights individual strengths and how to capitalise on them.

The MBTI conceptual framework offers an easy-to-understand but sophisticated way of understanding personality differences and gives a wholly positive view, getting people on board so that they make genuine and lasting changes to their behaviour.

Applications include:;


Conflict Management


Leadership development

Managing change

Building resilience

Team development

Career orientation

Benefit to You

Deploying the MBTI instrument in your organisation helps you to:-

Re-stabilise your team

Foster openness and improve communication

Create teams who are conscious of the importance of collaboration and viewing differences constructively

Play your team to it’s strengths

Improve your leadership strategy – one approach doesn’t fit all

Sustain growth and performance improvement

Resolve Conflict
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